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Little Johnny looked back. The old lady was standing in the veranda trying to light the lamps which were hanging from the ceiling.

Johnny ran to her and offered, “Let me help you. don’t trouble yourself with this.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you”, said the old lady smiling at johnny.

Johnny was nine now. He would turn ten on coming Sunday. He was disappointed as he wouldn’t be able to celebrate it with his school buddies . He was feeling very bad about it and had decided to take a longer route back home from the school. He chose to walk along the riverbank. It was a deserted walk, away from the colonies.

On his way after some distance, he saw an old house. He got curious to know who could be staying in there. He waited at the fence and observed the house. It looked empty and rusty, making it look scary. The darkness inside the house made it look scarier.

Johnny was hesitant to go inside as he was scared. He decided to turn and run towards his home. He was about to start when he heard opening of the door. He looked back and found this old lady struggling to light the lamps which hung from her porch ceiling.

“Here. This was the last one”, Johnny said as he finished lighting all the four lamps.

“Be careful while you get down from the railing”, told the old lady with a tender voice.

Johnny jumped from the railing and landed on all his fours.

The old lady came close to Johnny. Stroking his silky golden hair she said, “Thank you very much my child.”

“No no. Its fine. We have been told at school to help our elders in every possible way. I will tell miss Jenny I helped you with the lamps”, Johnny said with the excitement sprinkling in his deep green eyes.

“You look so similar to my grandson. His name is Johnathan”, the old lady said sitting the rocking chair.

“Oh, you have a grandson? Is he inside? Does he go to school with me? What class he is into?”, Johnny tried peeping into the house from window.

“No he is not inside. They don’t stay with me anymore. My son moved to town after marrying Johnathan’s mom. I have never met Johnathan”. Tears rolled down from the eyes of the old lady. She sat silently rocking her chair slowly.

Johnny couldn’t think what to say. He just stood there with his head bent down.

The old lady sensed the discomfort in Johnny’s eyes. “It’s OK dear. It’s been a long time. I have accepted it now.” she said.

Johnny still stood silently not knowing what to say.

“I’m sorry”, he just managed to say after some time.

“Ten years back they told me Johnathan died in a plane crash. He was a pilot in the air force. I could  never meet him. I only have his photographs my son sent me when I insisted”.

Johnny’s face looked sorrowful. He was not able to take it.

“His eyes are exactly like yours”, the old lady said. She tried changing the topic but she couldn’t think of anything else but her grandson to whom she had not been able to meet. She wouldn’t now, ever.

Johnny noticed someone standing at the gate, staring at the house.

“I’ll check what he wants”, said johnny and ran towards gate.

“Are you looking for something mister?” johnny enquired.

“Oh, hi”, the man seemed baffled with sudden approach by johnny. “I’m not sure if I’m searching for anything particular. I just come here sometimes. It feels good around here

“What brings you here kid?”

“I was just passing by”, Johnny said.

“My name is Johnathan. I’m a pilot”, said the man and extended his hand.

“I’m Johnny”, Johnny said and shook hands with the man.

“I used to stay with my parents in the town away from here.

“Yes, May be you are right. May be I’m looking for someone. My granny stayed here. My parents never allowed me to visit her. I always longed to meet her.”

“Oh, you are Johnathan the pilot? I know you. The old lady just told me about you. She will be happy to see you. Come I’ll take you to her”, little Johnny was excited.

“But she died an year back…”

The man could not complete the statement. Johnny’s face looked aghast. He wasn’t listening anymore.

Little johnny looked back. The old lady was standing in the veranda trying to light the lamps which were hanging from the ceiling…

Author’s Note:

This is the result of my thought process about a question. If spirits are free form souls, then can they feel each other??



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