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Addiction to the game of Chess

Chess is an addictive game. It may sound funny to you. It’s not a card game and if it’s addictive then why isn’t made part of a casino. You might think I have gone crazy. But trust me. This simple board game of 16 pieces moving over alternate black and white 64 squares can get addictive at times.

I have this particular chess game installed on my mobile called champion chess.  May be it’s the word champion which makes you feel like one when you win a game. It’s one of those chess games where it allows you to choose the colour of pieces you want to play with. And then you play against the artificial intelligence. It has got a nice AI.

It’s not that I’m a great chess player or something but I do win against this game. Well but yes sometimes when I’m very confident to win the game, suddenly whole board changes. The game takes a twist and I start losing pieces after pieces.

This game has amazing feature to save such situations. That is the trick. It lets you undo your moves. Great, isn’t it? I keep undoing until I reach to a position where I had command over the game. And then I proceed. I proceed to win. Sometimes I have allowed the game to continue without undoing the moves. Still, on few occasions I have managed to survive on my own and to turn the game quite graciously in my favour.

At times when I’m depressed or low I pick my mobile and start a game to cheer me up, just to gain back some confidence  and to feel like a champion. But, you know it well. When one is feeling low it’s tough to win. It’s tough to win anything that time. Even a simple game of chess. And once you start losing, you keep losing. That is the stage where you cannot stop. You cannot quit. You feel a desperate need to win, to win at least once. Game after game you struggle and urge to win. You might even consider quitting. But it’s not possible now. You have to win. You need to win. You might not get sleep if you won’t. And then suddenly, you win. You don’t understand how. You don’t remember that one magical move. You don’t know. You won’t know. But, you have just won. Finally, a victory. You are worth. You can win, yes you can win. You hurray loudly in your mind. You can win more. You want to win more. One more game. You ought to win this as well. Yes one more game, surely…

Chess can get addictive at times I tell you.


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