Open End

Every time I read a book, my wish to write one of my own, rejoices with a new vigor.
I have always felt I have a flare for writing. Having a flare is one thing and having good ideas, a good concept is another. I could never have an idea before. The writer’s soul in me would stay disgruntled. I hoped it wouldn’t have to stay grouchy forever. I just needed one idea.
One day it struck me, an idea of my own now. A concept, a storyline. It felt great.
Finally, I have a story, which I can proudly say, belongs to me.
Here I present to you, “Open End”. A collection of short stories, three short stories.
First baby is a very special experience, they say. Yes I very much agree.
I keep saying I like to play with words, but now I am really falling short of them to express my excitement.
Taking one tiny idea to these three stories was a helluva experience. Developing the idea, trying to make it more and more exciting for you reader’s, writing and re-writing it (rather typing it) into the 2.5″ screen of Nokia N70, everything was so great. Making the final draft, editing it again (this time over a PC) to the perfection and again editing. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
I hope you experience a greater enjoyment while reading it. I hope you find it as different as I wished it to be.
It feels so good to get such a nice editors for my first story. Kavitha Krishnamurthy, would listen to me patiently and keep suggesting English phrases for my weird requirements. I know she will keep doing it for all my stories ahead.
Kavitha Nair, was I guess the last person to get the draft of the story. I had given it to her saying this is the final draft. I am very happy that there were many finally final draft which followed under her editorial guidance. She is my second editor for this project. I am very thankful for the pains she has taken to accessorize my baby.
I am grateful for the patience of everyone, who would listen to my rough drafts, appreciate and urge me to write further. Trupti, Prashant, Savio, Shrikant thank you all for listening to rough drafts at the cost of losing the excitement of reading the final version.
Everyone in office, it was a great encouragement to hear that reading the first story made you wait eagerly for the rest. Akhil and Vimble, who would ask for the rest of the parts almost on every monday. At times I would get tired of saying “not yet”, but they did not. Jimmy, thanks for the great title and of course for the praise & the cheer. I just pray I have stood up to all the expectations.
Most importantly, mention of one person is a must. Ketan, who had long back injected this bug of writing into my system.
Thanks a ton guys.
It’s best to be modest so I shall agree that after so much of pain (for me and the rest), I only have 16 pages for you. The good side of it is that it’s a small book and can easily be read during lunch time. If there is still time remaining for your break to get over, then enter here through the open end..
Front Cover - Open End
Back Cover - Open End

2 responses to “Open End

  1. janet dsouza

    nice awesome readings…:-)

  2. Kavitha

    I am so glad you finished it. 🙂
    Awesome read!!! Great Job!!!
    Once again, I love your style of writing.
    The final note was a clincher. Great idea.

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