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Embrace the heart…

Everything around is so white
Yet somehow, it feels not so bright

I could see the wait in your eyes
For someone, to make things further nice

Somtimes, I see you with that hope
But then you cut loose the rope

Isn’t it time you stop the fight
To let your heart win fair and right

You’ve waited for someone, to hold hands
To walk together to the farther lands

You deserve the one who loves you crazy
Stands by you, in your sunny and hazy

Somewhere it was clear from the start
It isn’t so tough to open your heart

It’s me you’re looking for, can’t you see?
For no one can love you so pure, but me


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January 29, 2016 · 11:58 PM

A feeling called Love

You say you are sorry
You cannot reciprocate
Well, I feel I am sure
I never hoped you would

Return on investment
Is an economics term
The trade I did one sided
Is a feeling called love

I draw my happiness
From being there
When you would need me
And when you think you dont

You will be my life
You will be my world
Till I find someone my own
For that matter, even beyond

Today you just accept
What I have to offer
As I give selflessly
For, tomorrow You may not need


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♡ You!

When you embraced me tight, I knew what hug is.
When your lips touched me, I knew what kiss is.
When those round black eyes, search for it in mine, I just know what love is…

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Question marks??

Everything happens for a reason, they say
The question is why?
One door closes a window appears, they say
The question is where?
You just need to try harder, they say
The question is how?
Time can heal everything, they say
The question is when?
One needs to ask the right question, they say
And the question is what?

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May 14, 2013 · 12:48 AM

How I wish

You looked beautiful
When you said you cant,
Hold me up anymore

I couldnt take my hand
Back to the blanket which,
It had left with a hope

You walked away
Slowly possible as if,
To suggest reluctance

Or thats how It felt
It probably could be,
To my tiny little eyes

Oh, I did really hope
We could be together,
And that you wished either

To see beyond
The other side of world,
And farther

Mother, how I wish you had
Not left me in a basket,
At the steps of this chapel


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The other half

Everyday I wake up
I open my eyes
I find the other half
Tidy and unslept

Its been a while now
You have left
Left for good?
I can’t believe

Still smell you
On my clothes
I feel you around
When kids smile

They miss you
I try to be both
You and me
But I miss you

Go to rocks
I sit there
Cry alone
Cry for long

I book your tickets
From random places
For I don’t know
Where you’ve gone

Next morning
I open my eyes
Hoping to see
Your smiling face

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How I wish I could close the door
Shun the memories, bitter & sore
How I wish it was all that easy
These thoughts could just go fizzy
I don’t want to look back to the past
I want it erased & I want it fast
I don’t want to embrace the dread
I want to let go & move on, instead
How I wish it was all that easy
This question mark’s kept me busy
How I wish I could close the door
Oh should I? I can’t be so sure

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