Life Song

Life Song Wallpaper

Remember, you used to wish for a hand
holding it you’d walk the moonlit sand
And gaze the numerous star
with waves swashing at far
Now, at this moment you feel you always did
have someone you’d always need
To hold your hand
on a walk over grainy sand
To sing you a song
for a whole life long
Now as you know you have him
you beaming with a naughty grin
Suddenly it turns in a cute blush
with a sudden urge to rush
To lay in the caring arms
get mesmerized by his charms
Yes, now it feels so satisfied
for you to have him beside
How you wish it stays like this
as for you its the only bliss
You clutch his hand very tight
everything starts getting out of sight
As tears starts rolling from your eyes
but these are all those happy cries
For the fact that he is with you
and that the life turned all the new
That you’ll cherish this moment all along
singing with him his life song.


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