Hello world!

This is Gourav,
here…. up here…
can you see?
This is me, this is me.

What all i want is people
To right, to left… Everywhere
Alone one can be?
Not me, please not me.

Human behavior interests me
yes you, you.. and Everyone’s
Do I follow any books?
I learn from what my eyes looks.

I believe in giving
All i have… Everything
How long it will stay?
You need, you take it away.

Have a big kind heart
to occupy everybody around
Do you want to enter?
Just say yes and you will be at the center.

Call me even at midnight
for some problem or other
Did you hear any NOs?
I am always ready on my toes.

Always appear busy
doing may be that… or this…
Have you ever seen?
Somewhere idle i have been.

Love to learn things
a bit of this ,a lot of that
Can you find?
Something not unheard to my mind.

Suffer from mood swings
up now… Next moment down there
Can you feel?
How it does a cartwheel.

This is it, my positives
mmmm negatives… have one or few
Can you list any?
Tell me, but for that don’t expect any penny


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